Nomination to Czech Grand Design

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We are proud to announce that USSPA as a first company from the spa business was nominated to the Czech Grand Design award for commercial whirlpools in category Producer of the year.

Annual awards of Design Academy Czech Republic, Czech Grand Design awards are announced by the preparatory committee on the basis of Profil Media agency, organizer and producer of the appraisals. The goal of the Annual awards is to notify the remarkable achievements in design to the public.

Through the awards the Design Academy announces the concrete authors and their products. Nominated subjects are proposed by the members of the Design Academy Czech Republic. The whole Academy votes in each category, the winners will be announced on March 6th, 2010 in Prague.

Although we did not pass through the second round, the nomination itself is a big honor for our company, it is evaluation of our intention to produce not only functional and high quality products but also in modern design and it is a big motivation for our next effort.

You can find more information about the awards, Academy and nominations on

Category producer of year
The award goes to the producer of any category, who is running the business in Czech Republic, using Czech design and for remarkable approach in producing the design or using the work of Czech designers.